Goods Ratings

Military List Goods

Most ratings related to the military list are relatively straight forward but many exporters still find difficulty with some areas of the controls.

ML5 is one such area where it is often difficult to know if the goods fall under this heading or say ML1, ML2 or even ML11.

Other pitfalls are the areas where the goods do not have to be specially designed or even modified for military use to be controlled by the ML.

The difficult area of ML22 Technology is it or is it not controlled, that is often the question?

I can take the guess work out of these and all other areas of the Military List, why worry when help is at hand.

Dual Use Goods

So many Categories, so many technical parameters and Notes to understand.

Do you understand all the decontrol Notes? There are many and could release your goods from control.

Are your goods in Annex IV, and if so what does this mean.

I can simply take you through all the procedures you need to go through, eliminating those goods which will not under normal circumstances require an export licence.

Applying for Open Individual Export Licences to cover all your Companys' business

Do you struggle with SIELs; do OGELs go far enough for you; then what about putting together a case to DiT for an OIEL (Open Individual Export Licence)?

Can you do this on your own?

Will you remember to include every area of the business that you will need cover for?

I can greatly assist in the preparation of these applications having had year of experience in assisting companies do just that. (See also making SPIRE applications below)

Pre DiT compliance visit advice and training

Are you dreading the next DiT Compliance Inspection?

Will you be able to face your bosses after the visit?

Don’t worry I can assist you to have a trouble free visit; having been on hundreds of compliance visits I can give you all the help you need.


Appeals against licence refusals

Had a licence refused?

Do you know how to appeal against the refusal, very few people do?

I can make sure that you have the best chance possible of getting your refusal overturned, if I think you are wasting your time I will tell you so.

Use of Open General Export Licences

Do you know how to get the best from OGELs.

Are you compliant with every single condition?

Don’t worry, I assisted in the drafting of many of these OGELs and know what to look out for.

Export Compliance Training

Do you want your Company to be Export Compliant?

I will tailor a training package in modular form and deliver the training at your convenience at your premises.

Voluntary Disclosures

Have you discovered that you are noncompliant and may have breaches of export controls?

There are a number of steps to go through before making your voluntary disclosure to HMRC, I can help you with this process.

Other specialised services

There are many other aspects of export controls not covered above, if you need help with any of them I can either assist you directly or put you in touch with another Consultant who can.

I have many years experience in advising on all aspects of MTCR, including how to make your product MTCR compliant

Making SPIRE Applications

Do you have the training or the time to make regular SPIRE applications, given the authorisation I can make these for you, making sure that the rating and the technical specifications uploaded are what DiT require to progress your applications expediently.

Law Firms

Do you have clients being prosecuted by HMRC, do you want independent advice on all aspects of Export Control? Then contact me.